Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm back!

Hello everyone,Iam back after a long hiatus from my blog.I have been busy helping take care of my grandmother who has dementia,and many other things,but I wanted to blog again,and share my love of miniatures and crafts.I love to shop thrift stores and flea markets and I come across some really great finds.I love dollhouse miniatures,and I have found a few things that have amazed me ,so I wanted to post my finds and show you all what I have found.This dollhouse was found at a church yard sale,oh yeah I forgot to mention,I love those too!it was a mere 4.00 yep that's right .I grabbed it before they could change their mind.The wall paper in the kitchen,and the rooms upstairs,were pretty dated,so in the girls room I put a bluw scrapbooking paper.I used the same in the kitchen in a yellow and white,I ran out of paper,and the store I got it From didn't sell it anymore,so I used a plastic brick sheet to finish it. I will post more pics with the kitchen and girls room furnished. Have a great day everyone! p>