Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wonderful world of blogs

I am a fledgling blogger,and I am trying to see where Iam going with all of this.I have ran across some wonderful blogs this week and I must say I have been so inspired.You are some pretty awesome ladies.I wanted to thank Karen from the Graphics fairy for all her wonderful backgrounds. One of which I have used on my own blog they are so lovely,keep up the good work!!!
I have spent so much time following other blogs,that I have neglected my own Lol!

I can see how you can go down the rabbit hole,end up in wonderland,and never come back.I would also like to thank tater tots and jello.Such a wonderful blog nice necklace tutorial I may make one also.I have found may wondrous links to keep me busy reading for days from these blogs.May you continue to inspire and provoke us all to wonder and create.


  1. Welcome to blog-land. I love what blogging has to offer and have met so many talented and super friendly people through blogging. I wish you fun times and plentiful eye candy and ideas.
    Pat...I am excited to be your first follower too! :-)

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging, so much fun. I se eyou have a Etsy shop, I have a shop also. Here I go to heart you.......

  3. Welcome to Blogland!!! You'll love it! It's really addictive! Isn't it amazing how you can visit a blog and then click on links on that blog and so and so forth and see such awesome artwork and get so inspired?!!! Well, anyway - welcome and have fun! I'm off to check out your Etsy shop! :) Marva

  4. Ane a warm welcome to blogland from me too, I know you will love it and as purplepaint said totally addictive, sometimes to the point of neglecting you own work while admiring the work of the others. Enjoy